review of Drone Excursion 001

Longform drone at its finest is awaiting to enter well willing ears. It is well crafted, pedicured, manicured and arranged & produced by Scott Lawlor. A music maker that used very pleasant angelic voices as a source to mold into a warm glow of ambience music. Slowly this state of heaven transforms in slightly different shades while exploring multiple tones coming from these extracted vocal chords.

It is difficult perhaps to attach an image in the mind for this release as it is flowing and glowing like a faceless choir of timeless angels with different opacity. Some parts appear to be paper thin well others are much more prominent in volume. Together they form this long-form drone power that creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere wherever it is unleashed. Which is obvious a good thing in this time of burning world wide turmoil, and too much caffeine in our coffee products.

Let this work of more than one hour of vocal drone sedate it’s listeners in a state of peaceful bliss. Dream of white cloudy landscapes that you can witness out of flying airplane windows and absorb this obviously labor of love at the following link:

Here’s the link to the review:


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