h is for help #AToZChallenge


It’s another day when I don’t have a particularly spectacular word to write about so I’ll write about help.

Besides being a pretty cool song, especially the version by Deep Purple, which I think is a hell of a lot better than the original Beatles version, we have all kinds of help in our house.

Okay, maybe not a lot actually, but what little there is from the children is usually enthusiastic, for the most part.

Little ones love to help and if you don’t let them, sometimes they’ll cry or just say in a pitiful voice "I just want to help you" Usually, it’s Leah who says it that way and even if I don’t especially want her help because I’m either in a bad mood or it’s just something she can’t yet do, I try to find a way to let her help because, I feel guilty by denying her the very thing she innately wants to do, to just help in whatever way she can, to be a part of what I’m doing in the moment, to be with me, and not off bothering her little brother and making him cry.


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