E is for ending #ATOZChallenge

As I sit here writing this post, I wonder how many other people think about "the End" whether it’s the finality of a project, or the cosmic termination of the existence of the individual and wonder, I wonder, when the end of my life comes around, which, there are days, and I’m sure this is probably true for most of us, even though the majority of us flee from the thought like it’s a tornado about to crush our sensibilities, so we run for the safety of a closet, but I wonder, has my life had the meaning that I envisioned it to have, or was I, for a lot of it, just strutting around a stage, having the pretense that my existence was really a grand event in this tiny portion of an expansive space which is also pretty small when you consider the enormous nature of the greatness of the eternal cosmos?

Do I dare become vulnerable on social networks, even if the vulnerability is couched in philosophical musings that may, depending on your interpretation, be nothing more than a lot of words strung together, like the images in a dream that could mean nothing or everything?

I wonder, yes, I wonder, has all this technology stripped the most important parts of us from ourselves, after all, it’s easier to pound out a 140 character status or post a pic than it is to take the time to talk to someone face-to-face, or go into the depths of the darker parts of the mind where the things that make us, not our best, lurk? And, if this is true, have we, by our own design and the need for faster technological evolution, put an abrupt end to part of who we used to be, in a time before such technological devices existed?

This is the end of the post, but if you comment, it could be the beginning of some interesting communicational exchanges.


One thought on “E is for ending #ATOZChallenge

  1. Thank you for your philosophical, existential blog today. I enjoyed thinking deep thoughts about our end. I have no allusions or delusions about where we go from here. Maybe we’ll be reincarnated in some other universe. Don’t really know because dead people tell no tales!

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