c is for coffee AToZChallenge


I’m sure I’m not the first one to post about coffee in this challenge and since I just started having my first cup, I can’t even predict how this blog post will read to the ever expanding set of dedicated fans who breathlessly await every new post.

What can I say about coffee? It’s great, I love it, I usually can’t start my day without it, and one friend even went so far as to say "You shouldn’t do anything or talk to anyone until you’ve had your first cup".

On some days, that’s very true but the other thing is, I can have a cup of coffee at midnight and still go straight to sleep, unless that stupid cat is keeping me awake.

I remember once, I played a gig in a coffee shop when I lived in Ohio and instead of paying me in cash, I told them that I wanted to be paid in coffee beans. Instead of giving me the coffee at retail price, they gave it to me at the wholesale price so I ended up with 9 pounds of coffee for that one 2 hour performance, a pretty cool deal.

I’ve had some pretty horrid flavors of the drink, the most notable was the candy apple coffee. It sounded interesting so I thought I’d try it. After not even a cup, I knew that Cindy and I, and she agreed that, we couldn’t finish the whole bag so we just threw it out. See, not enough coffee and that last sentence had grammatical and run-on problems.

I should stop now and have more coffee.


3 thoughts on “c is for coffee AToZChallenge

  1. Coffee is a favourite “C” of mine. It goes well with cake 🙂

  2. Just hopping over from A Brit and A Southerner also participating in the A to Z Challenge! Love that you have wrote about coffee as I am avid drinker – Heather hates it but hey that’s life right. Generally drink once a day, problem is I frequently pay the crazy prices at Starbucks which gets expensive but I like my specialty white chocolate mocha’s with caramel.

    Great post, looking forward to following the rest of your posts!

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