B is for bells #AToZChallenge


Today I want to talk about bells, no, not the doorbell that rings and then sends your dog into endless voluminous barking but the calm serene sound of those metallic instruments that have been used for centuries.

I love the deep resonant sound of bells as they ring out quiet contemplative tones that give you a sense of peace and serenity.

Perhaps I should have waited until the letter t but the Tibetan bowl is probably in the bell family and even if it isn’t and I have my history all mixed up, bells and bowls are great anyway.

Here are some recommended cds to get you started on your journey of exploring these resonant instruments.

Deuter – Tibet Nada Himalaya 1 and 2, Yatri – Crystal Spirit – The Healing Sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls, Xumantra – Singing Bowls, and the Tibetan Bells 4 volume series by Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings


4 thoughts on “B is for bells #AToZChallenge

  1. Nice! I went and found a vimeo video based on your first suggestion: http://vimeo.com/20840037. Definitely relaxing. Now I just need a hot bath to go along with it.

  2. Susan Alton says:

    Hi, dropping in on you from the A-to-Z Challenge. I loved your Ambient post.

    Random words work well in getting the creative juices flowing.

    Full-time RVers who travel, work, live in our 33′ 5th wheel, with our two cats, Sunnie and Bowie

  3. Susan Scott says:

    Lovely Loni thank you. I can hear them in my head, so calming and gentle. I’ll check out the link at a later stage .. wish I could now, but it is not to be!

    Garden of Eden Blog

  4. Pagadan says:

    I love bells too, including the hand bells that the bell ringers ring at Christmas and church bells.

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