#AtoZChallenge A is for Ambient


I found this AtoZChallenge last week and thought this would be cool for me to try.

At first I thought of making every post music related since this is a blog primarily about music and my radio show, the Blind Flight.

After considering this for a short time, it gave way to another more interesting idea. Why not just be random. after all, aren’t people interested in more than just my music? Don’t they want to know what makes me tick, what drives my creativity, my innermost thoughts and feelings? No/

well, I won’t share all that and those who regularly follow me on Facebook or twitter might have this notion that I tend to be a rather twisted individual, at least to some degree.

Okay, enough rambling for now. The topic for today is (I can’t use a drum roll because they don’t exist in this realm) but it’s "ambient" music.

I couldn’t come up with another idea, particularly since I haven’t had enough coffee, (there’s an idea for Thursday).

I first heard about ambient music in the 1980’s on a program called Musical Starstreams when I heard some tracks by a band called Tangerine Dream. Before hearing this kind of music, I was into groups like Slayer, no really, you can ask anyone, okay, maybe not anyone, but there are probably a couple of people who knew that.

After I heard White Eagle and Song of the Whale Part One: From Dawn… from Underwater sunlight, I was hooked. I went out and got a bunch of Tangerine Dream albums including the 5 record box set called from the beginning. Now there’s hardcore t-dream for sure.

I could probably write a book about my experiences with ambient music and all the groups I’ve learned about and so on but I’ll try to keep this short, or short for me.

My favorite kind of ambient music is the more atmospheric kind and there’s a lot of that out there.

Some of my favorite albums are The Magnificent Void by Steve Roach, Trances/Drones by Robert Rich, Zeit by Tangerine Dream, Land of Enchantment by Deuter, Moonwind by Wavestar and Irrlicht by Klaus Schulze.

Favorite tracks are Mountaintop by Altus, ElysiumMons by Palancar, (this one I just discovered a few weeks ago but when I first heard it, it blew me away), Emerald And Lime by Brian Eno, Mysterious Encounter by Kitaro and Irlande by Vangelis.

I hope I can stay with the AtoZChallenge for the duration of the month and one thing that I’m thinking about doing for the blind flight, is featuring artists whose name begins with whatever letter that Friday is on.

The challenge excludes Sundays so you’ll get a day of relief from reading whatever thoughts and ideas emerge from the dark mind of your host.

I appreciate all of you for reading, commenting when you feel inclined to on Facebook and Twitter, and especially for listening to my radio program.

If I had no audience, the Blind Flight would have no purpose.

Thanks for reading.


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