A is for… Anxiety

my first attempt at reblogging something. This was a good entry.


If you watch the video I linked to in my previous post (The Alphabet), you’ll see that I spoke in front of 200 people earlier this year. If somebody told me five years ago that I would do that, I wouldn’t have believed them, because from 2005 until around 2011 I frequently suffered from anxiety attacks, which stopped me from living my life to the full.

I was on the London Underground on a Sunday when I first had an attack, the morning after a drunken night out with my mates from uni. The carriage was relatively quiet and there were plenty of seats, but a weird-looking man chose to stand close to where I sat. I hadn’t really noticed him until he started swaying. He was trying to balance without holding onto a handrail, whilst holding a cardboard cup of coffee and I suddenly felt as if he was about…

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