new release: nocturnal journeys in unfamiliar landscapes


I am honored to have a release on the Earthmantra label.

I’d like to thank Geoff for giving me the opportunity to have my music on a label that I’ve been a big fan of for many years.

Here’s the information about the album.

earthMANTRA (eM) is excited to bring you our third release in our new format – Scott Lawlor’s "Nocturnal Journeys in Unfamiliar Landscapes".

"Inspiration for the music came from Tangerine Dream’s Zeit
album, in particular, the first track called Birth Of Liquid
Plejades, one of my favorite tracks by this legendary band." – Scott Lawlor

eM is very excited to have Scott’s release finally seeing the light of day. His music is well known in the ambient scene, and he has several previous releases available on wonderful netlabels such as We Are All Ghosts, Treetrunk Records, Free Floating Music and others.

Here’s the download link for the album.

Thanks for listening.


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