podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for March 14, 2014

Occurrences In Rain – Occurrences In Rain – Resignation To The Inevitable

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/occurrences-in-rain

Occurrences In Rain – Lamentations For Fading Occurrences

Lamentations For Those Deceived By Hope

Lamentations For The Lost And Grieving

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/lamentations-for-fading-occurrences

Occurrences In Rain – Influence Of Outside Systems

The Freezing Of The Sea Created A Perfect Solitude

A Minute Of Remembrance After Seeing The White Sky

His Deterioration Was A Gradual Process

As The Flares Increased, Data Became Sentient

Dreams Of The Womb Provided A False Contentment

The Sunrise Revealed That Nothing Had Changed

A Melancholic Nostalgia At The Passing Of The Funeral Train

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/influence-of-outside-systems

Occurrences In Rain – Climbing Ladders Into Falling Objects

Suppressed Panic Upon Approaching The Kuiper Belt

As Velocity Increased Time Slowed Then Passed In Reverse

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/climbing-ladders-into-falling-objects

Occurrences In Rain – Memories Suspended – Falling – Pondering A Life Lost

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/memories-suspended-falling

Occurrences In Rain – Wafting Magic – The Inner Peace Of Profound Longing

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/wafting-magic

Occurrences In Rain – Remembrance Music

When Matter And Shadow Align Then Part

The Emptiness Of Departing Windows

Available for download from http://occurrencesinrain.bandcamp.com/album/remembrance-music

You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2014-03-14%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28featuring%20Occurrences%20In%20Rain%29.mp3


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