new track released: Dreaming of the Oriental Moon


I have a track on album in a day volume 8 which has a lot of remarkable artists on it.

Here are the notes about the album.

To celebrate 5 years of BFW recordings, we bring you Album In A Day volume 8, an album of songs all completely written, performed and recorded in one day – all on the same day!

On Saturday 29th March 2014, musicians around the world each wrote and recorded a complete new songs from scratch in one day.
The next day, these songs were collected and put together as this album.
The next day, Monday 31st march 2014, the album was released.

This album has something for everyone. There are a whole range of styles from ambient and electronics to folk and hip hop.
These albums are always good fun and I’m always astonished with what the participating musicians come up with.
And because this one celebrates BFW recordings fifth birthday, there is more music than ever from new friends and musicians who have been with throughout those five years.

A massive thank you to everyone who took part, helped spread the word and made this such a terrific album.

Here’s to keeping it together enough for five more years!

You can download the compilation from the following link.

Thanks for listening.


podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for March 28, 2014

algol – Goldilocks Zone – Gliese 581g

Available for "name your own price" download from

Dan Pound – New Dawn

Crossing Over

Underground Current

Ajna & DronnyDarko-FacingTheVoid [petroglyph102] – Watching the Lights While Falling Asleep

Available for download from

Ajna_Massergy-BeyondTheAbyssalPlains [petroglyph204] – Massergy – Prayer Flags (Bonus)

Available for download from

Various Artists – Shine Like The Stars

Dubtrak (Toronto, Canada) – Embracing the Rain

lilmanjs (Lawrence, Kansas) – Journey (it only starts)

Scott Lawlor (Denton, Texas) – Skies of Light

M. Peck (Jonesborough, TN) – An Unlikely Missionary

Eternal Keys (Carovigno, Italy) – Angel Soon

Jack Hertz (Bay Area, California) – Plomg

Art Sonic (Toronto, Canada) – Something In The Air

eyescastdown (Chicago, Illinois) – Mister God, This is Taylor

Sergio De Vega (Dublin, Ireland) – Lost For Words

Dreamfire (Brighton, United Kingdom) – An Epitaph Engraved In Water

Steve Brand (Kansas City, Kansas) – Eliptical Viewing

Peter Pick (East Sussex, United Kingdom) – Muzungu

Don Hill (Chicago, Illinois) – To Walk Beyond The Stars

Shane Morris (Fayettville, Arkansas) – Lift

Richard Galbraith – Nesciens Mater Virgo Virum (Jean Mouton)

Annemarie Borg (Paris, France & London UK) – What We Do Not See

Jaja (Köln, Germany) – Heaven

Parity Flux (Tucson, Arizona) – Sundream On A Sunday

Available for "name your own price" download from

You can download this week’s podcast from

new release: nocturnal journeys in unfamiliar landscapes


I am honored to have a release on the Earthmantra label.

I’d like to thank Geoff for giving me the opportunity to have my music on a label that I’ve been a big fan of for many years.

Here’s the information about the album.

earthMANTRA (eM) is excited to bring you our third release in our new format – Scott Lawlor’s "Nocturnal Journeys in Unfamiliar Landscapes".

"Inspiration for the music came from Tangerine Dream’s Zeit
album, in particular, the first track called Birth Of Liquid
Plejades, one of my favorite tracks by this legendary band." – Scott Lawlor

eM is very excited to have Scott’s release finally seeing the light of day. His music is well known in the ambient scene, and he has several previous releases available on wonderful netlabels such as We Are All Ghosts, Treetrunk Records, Free Floating Music and others.

Here’s the download link for the album.

Thanks for listening.

new track released: Skies of Light


I am honored to have a track on the Shine like the stars compilation from Waiting World Records entitled Skies of light.

A lot of magnificent artists have contributed to this project and I am privileged to be among composers like Shane Morris, Jack Hertz, M. Peck, Steve Brand, Jaja and many others who I look forward to hearing.

Here are the notes from the album.

Shine Like The Stars is an electronic music compilation featuring artists from around the globe. The purpose for this compilation is to raise money for the Taylor Scout Smith Memorial Fund which was started after her untimely passing. Taylor was a magnificent child that marched to her own drum and followed the rhythm of her Saviour, Jesus Christ. Her goal was to travel the world, spreading the word and touching the lives of others that she would meet along her way. We at Waiting World Records salute such a goal and decided to bring the world to her through heartfelt contributions from musicians that too applaud and support her and her family for their strength and conviction.
All proceeds will go towards her memorial fund, but do not feel as though you have to buy this release. We would rather you download it, listen to it, and think of her and her family than to never hear it. After all, it’s a magnificent release featuring some of today’s most cutting edge artists in their respective genres.
For more information, and to read more about Taylor Scout Smith please visit

You can download the compilation from the following link

Thanks for listening.

new release: Rain 3


I’m happy to announce the release of Rain 3, the final installation of the Rain trilogy.

Here is the information and download link for the album.

A warm and relaxing conclusion to Scott Lawlor’s “Rain” trilogy. Lawlor is host of Stillstream’s Blind Flight program.

About the album:
“In creating this, the final chapter in my Rain Trilogy, I used the same equipment set up which I utilized on the previous two installations. This time, I was influenced by Palancar and his track entitled ‘She and I, Watching the Rain’. Where the first rain piece was more ominous with its
thunder and organ drone, and the second much colder with the minimal chords and snowfall, I present to you a warmer interlude which presents the nearness of the spring season and the rains that give vitalization to a world recently gripped by the ice, snow and cold.

Thanks for listening.