call to all musicians for a new compilation


Jack Hertz and I are promoting a new compilation so if you’d like to participate, here are the details.

This is a call to all musicians around the world to share their music to help raise awareness of spying.

The use of drones in the strategical targeting of suspected terrorists has become something of a great concern to many around the world and in the United states as referenced in the following two web site links, one a youtube video and the other, an article referencing a white paper which condones the killing of Americans who are suspected to have ties with terrorist organizations even though suspicion of such actual activity is not eminent.

Watch the videos now at the following links:

After I saw the video and read the article, I came up with the idea of calling artist to submit their own original drone material to a compilation for the sound4good label. I’m proposing the title of the compilation to be " I no longer love blue skies".

Your donation of any amount to help support the Trees for the Future project would be greatly appreciated in helping us make a difference in the world by planting more trees with music.

This is a living project that we will be adding tracks to on an ongoing basis as they are submitted. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no deadline, or restrictions on drone style. However, we may refuse tracks that we feel are not proper drones. Listen to the current track(s) for examples or see the WIKI for more info on drone music:

One track per artist please, except for collaborations. Files must be submitted in aiff, flac, or wav file format not to exceed 600 MB. Please, email your unpublished track along with the artist name. track title, artist site URL, and file download URL (no attachments) to s4grecs

We look forward to hearing your material and appreciate your participation.


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