dark ambient on tonight’s Blind Flight


On tonight’s dark ambient program, I will be featuring selections by No-xygen, The Darkening Machine, Cousin Silas, Caul,

and the cd of the week is Mysterium Cosmographicum by Rune Martinsen and Oystein Jorgensen.

I hope you’ll join me tonight at 11 PM on www.stillstream.com for a journey into the darkest parts of your imagination.

Thanks for listening.


podcast of this week’s blind flight

The Blind Flight for February 21, 2014

Fabio Keiner – Cantos de Noche y Dia [wh276] – Canto (10)

Available for fre download from http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh276-fabio-keiner-cantos-de-noche-y-dia/

Steve Roach & Vir Unis – Blood Machine

Neural Connection

In the Marrow

IXOHOXI – Soundscapes For Yoga Practice – The Temple And The Snake

Fellirium – Nightfall

Blue flowers

Distant light

Full moon


Available for fre download from http://fellirium.bandcamp.com

Palancar – Elysium Planitia – ElysiumMons

Available for fre download from http://relaxedmachinery.com/earthmantra/release-detail.php?id=179

Fabio Keiner – Cantos de Noche y Dia [wh276] – Canto (07)

Available for fre download from http://webbedhandrecords.com/wh276-fabio-keiner-cantos-de-noche-y-dia/

Jon 7 – Time – Newfoundland Time

Available for fre download from https://archive.org/details/tmth013

You can downloaw this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2014-02-21%20The%20blind%20flight.mp3

this week’s blind flight, a surprise edition


On this week’s edition of the blind Flight, I have almost no idea of what I’m going to be playing on the program so if there’s anything you’d like to hear and you’re on Facebook, relaxed machinery or twitter, you can comment and leave requests for the program.

I am going to be playing a couple of tracks from the new Fabio Keiner cd but other than that, the show is wide open for requests.

So tune in Friday, February 21st at 11 PM central for an unexpected journey from your mind to the outer edges of the galaxy on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for February 14, 2014

Various Artists – I No Longer Love Blue Skies

Scott Lawlor – I no longer Love Blue Skies

Darage Bang – The Shadow Above You

Jack Hertz – Eyes in the Sky

Grove of Whispers – The Coinlocker Heart

Michael Br├╝ckner – Puppets in a Glass House

Available for "Name your own Price" download from http://sound4good.bandcamp.com/album/i-no-longer-love-blue-skies

cinchel – Reign Water

Reign Water

From the Rooftop through the Gutter

water, dirt, flower food

Animals take Shelter

The Cold Appears

All is Renewed

Available for free download from http://subterraneantide.bandcamp.com/

Scott Lawlor – Into the Mystic Void (unreleased)

mystified – Winter Spirit

Available for free download from https://archive.org/details/petroglyph198mystified-Winter_spirit

dirty knobs – drone not drones 2-8-14


You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2014-02-14%20The%20blind%20flight.mp3

tonight’s blind flight


On tonight’s program, I will be featuring the new release from the subterranean tide label by cinchel called Reign Water along with a number of new tracks from a compilation called "I No Longer Love Blue Skies" which is a protest compilation against the use of unmanned aircraft to murder persons vaguely suspected of having ties to terrrorist organizations. I will also be playing the live set by Dirty Knobs that he did during the 28 hours of drone not drones last week which was also a protest against the same activity.

Finally, I will be featuring a new track by Mystified in addition to an unreleased track by your host.

I hope you’ll be able to join me for a night of brand new music starting at 11 PM Central time on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.

call to all musicians for a new compilation


Jack Hertz and I are promoting a new compilation so if you’d like to participate, here are the details.

This is a call to all musicians around the world to share their music to help raise awareness of spying.

The use of drones in the strategical targeting of suspected terrorists has become something of a great concern to many around the world and in the United states as referenced in the following two web site links, one a youtube video and the other, an article referencing a white paper which condones the killing of Americans who are suspected to have ties with terrorist organizations even though suspicion of such actual activity is not eminent.

Watch the videos now at the following links:


After I saw the video and read the article, I came up with the idea of calling artist to submit their own original drone material to a compilation for the sound4good label. I’m proposing the title of the compilation to be " I no longer love blue skies".

Your donation of any amount to help support the Trees for the Future project would be greatly appreciated in helping us make a difference in the world by planting more trees with music.

This is a living project that we will be adding tracks to on an ongoing basis as they are submitted. Everyone is welcome to participate. There is no deadline, or restrictions on drone style. However, we may refuse tracks that we feel are not proper drones. Listen to the current track(s) for examples or see the WIKI for more info on drone music: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_music

One track per artist please, except for collaborations. Files must be submitted in aiff, flac, or wav file format not to exceed 600 MB. Please, email your unpublished track along with the artist name. track title, artist site URL, and file download URL (no attachments) to s4grecs

We look forward to hearing your material and appreciate your participation.

new release: Abstraction (with Earlyguard) now available


Here is my latest collaborative effort available for download from the weareallghosts label.

I’d like to thank Earlyguard for working with me on this track and thanks also goes to Thomas for releasing this project.

Here are the notes about the album and the download link.

Thanks for listening.

"I am proud to present "Abstraction (waag_rel043)" … 45 minutes of longform ambient joy.

I have a lot of love for the music of both Scott Lawlor and Earlyguard, so you can imagine I was very quick to respond in the positive when I was approached about releasing a collaboration that they had in the works … I didn’t think it would be as good as "Abstraction" is.

This is music for both the head and the heart, a late-night hit of somatic bliss that, in equal measure, inspires and comforts."