two tracks released on new year’s day


It’s the first of January and I hope you all had a great new year’s eve celebration.

I’ve got a couple of tracks available for download on the following album with great artists like Mystified, Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas and some artists I haven’t heard before but that I’m looking forward to experiencing their music. Congratulations to all of you for ending 2013 on a high. It’s been a fantastic year musically and I hope 2014 will be as good if not better.

​ending the year on a high 2013 (waag_com002)

Drone for Organ and Clarinet

This was just an experiment really that I think turned out well.

Tomorrow Never Came (a tribute to John Lennon)

In remembering the life and music of John Lennon, who was one of my biggest idles when I was a teenager, I have created an ambient piece which I think, if he were alive today, and if he actually moved into the ambient field of composition, he’d have a sound similar to what I’ve imagined here.

I feel that John would have fully embraced the notion of ambient music as he was quite the musical visionary. He Pioneered techniques in the studio which artists today are still incorporating and I’ve utilized some of these as well.

I’d like to thank Thomas of weareallghosts for giving me the opportunity to release more of my music.


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