podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for December 13, 2013

Linear Bells – Over and Over

Available for free download from http://www.subterraneantide.com/st09-over–over—linear-bells.html

Crystal Dreams – Iceberg – Winter Ice.

Available for free download from http://crystaldreamsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/iceberg

netherworld – mørketid – north pole.

NETHERWORLD – Alchemy of Ice – Alchemy of Snow.

various artists – Album In A Day volume 6 – 25 May 2013 – Jack Hertz – Garden of Icebergs.

Available for free download from http://www.bfwrecordings.com/releases/AlbumInADay/Vol6/

Altocumulus – Gothick Winter

Juta Takahashi – The Door Into Winter – Northern Horizon.

Lucette Bourdin – Rising Fog – Russian Snow.

Available from http://darkduck.net/artists/art_LB_Fog.html

Bing Satellites – Fifteen Below

Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves (Winter)

Echoes of the Wind.


The One Hundreth Name of Snow

Available from http://darkduck.net/artists/art_LB_NordicWaves.html

You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-12-13%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28The%20Winter%20Edition%29.mp3


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