need your help


Every year, it’s a tradition for me to do a multipart broadcast recapping the past year in ambient and electronic music and though This is not an original concept since a lot of other programs do the same thing, I’m asking you, the listeners of the Blind Flight, to come up with your favorite ambient tracks from the past year.

Since there was such a great variety of quality music released in 2013, a lot of it freely available from a large number of internet labels, the choices are many. This is also a good opportunity for you to bring to my attention tracks that I may not be aware of so I see this as a musical enriching experience for all of us.

If you’d like to participate in helping to create the year-in-review playlists for these broadcasts, you can send me your submissions as comments on this blog entry, on Facebook or twitter.

If you follow me on either of these social networks and you’re comfortable doing so, you can leave me a direct message.

Thanks for voting for your favorite tracks and for being loyal supportive listeners to my program.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.


5 thoughts on “need your help

  1. “Seeking Rest” is an astonishing piece that I would certainly pick as a favorite; Philip Wilkerson’s “Sojourner” album is another; the epic “Die Welt ist Klang” Pete Namlook tribute compilation by Carpe Sonum records a third.

    • Scott Lawlor says:

      Hi Alex.

      Thanks for the high complement on Seeking Rest.

      I haven’t heard the Pete Namlook tribute cd set.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’m sure Philip Wilkerson will make into the end-of-the-year multipart set.

  2. B.E. Ward says:

    I think Wilkerson’s The Awaiting Presence from Sojourner would fit the bill nicely!

  3. kworkmeister says:

    Stand out pieces for me this year:

    Scott Lawlor – Soaring Through the Radiant Stars (Radiant fits this piece well. Lucette Bourdin would be proud.)
    Earlyguard – Isolation (truly desolate and beautiful all in one)
    Cousin Silas – Dronescape (whichever one I’m listening to at the moment, 10 and 13 being current favorites)
    Daniel Robert Lahey – Gravity’s Kiss (beautiful! I can’t choose a specific track.)

    One I think deserves more attention is The Ghost of Marianna. If Scott hadn’t just released “Radiant Stars,” possibly my favorite ambient track of the whole year, I would have listed Marianna in its place.

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