new release with Mystified: A Night on Pluto


I have another release on the treetrunk net label, this time, with Mystified.

Here are the liner notes and the download link for the album.

"When Mystified made his pluto120 drone available for people to use in their own compositions, I decided to create a long-form ambient piece using this drone as the basic element of the track. I added some winter night sounds I found on and clarinet improvisations which I created on the Ensoniq TS-12 synthesizer. I felt that the clarinet was an instrument that could express the mood I was going for, something very cold and remote, two elements which define what, at one time, was the smallest planet in our Solar System.

I’d like to thank Thomas Park for the use of the drone and for making this available for download and hope you enjoy the music.

Thanks for listening."


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