new release, The Space Between The Leaves | Meadows of Summer


I am once again honored to have a new album released on the weareallghosts label.

This time, it’s 2 shorter works which I hope you’ll enjoy. Here are the liner notes from the site and the download link. Thanks for listening and much thanks to Thomas for releasing another of my projects on his label.

Scott is a tremendous supporter of weareallghosts, playing our music on his show on stillstream. He is part of the waag familia and I am proud to present two longish ambient drones from him.

"The Space Between The Leaves" – is the first in a series of longer-form drones called "The Space Between" … this is an ongoing project from Scott and I hope to bring you further instalments in the future.

"…The Leaves" is a darker, noisier drone that almost overwhelms but ultimately rewards the listener with an immersive experience.

"Meadows In Summer" is a lighter longer-form piece with a haunting and rather surprising ending which I found an utter delight when I first heard it.


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