new release: Aural Portraits Of Triton – Vol. 1


I am honored to have the first collaboration of which I hope there will be many, with G.M. Slater available for download today, on the anniversary of the discovery of the moon of Triton which orbits Neptune.

Here are the liner notes for the album and the download link.

Aural Portraits Of Triton – Vol. 1, the new album from Lunar Navigational Systems, is an interpretive soundscape describing Neptune’s moon Triton. This collaboration between G M Slater (Occurrences In Rain and The Elderbranch Campaign) and Scott Lawlor (long-form ambient solo artist and host of StillStream’s The Blind Flight) uses synth drones and highly processed field recordings to paint vivid scenes of nitrogen geysers in the frozen distance, creating a misty dream world that is as beautiful as it is ominous… ABSOLUTELY BEST EXPERIENCED OVER HEADPHONES.

Composed, performed and produced by Lunar Navigational Systems. Additional field recordings by 833_45, Benboncan, Felix Blume, Klankbeeld, Martian, Pcaeldries – all made available via the FreeSound Project

Recorded September-October, 2013 at their home studios in California and Texas, USA.

Artwork by G M Slater

you can download the album from the following link for "Pay what you want".

As always, thanks for listening.


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