an interstellar blind flight this week


Last week, the Voyager 1 probe entered into interstellar space which prompted a good bit of creativity from ambient artists on ways to demonstrate their wonder and awe at such a feat, the first manmade object to enter into the realm beyond our solar system. As a result, on this week’s Blind Flight, I will be presenting an entire program on music made from the sound that NASA put on the internet, the sound of interstellar space as recorded by the Voyager probe. Most of the music in this program comes from the Disquiet Jundo, an internet community of artists who experiment using specific themes and sounds as a springboard for sonic creativity.

You can learn more about this project, and specifically the one related to Voyager by visiting the following web site.

I will be featuring works by artists such as abstraxus, Ethan Hein, Sōzu project, Steve Moshier, Dublinator, echosonic, Larry Johnson, martin rach morsanek, Specta Ciera, Mark Rushton, Mark Ward, Tuonela, indwelling fire, JSoliday, justin buckley, vanWinkle and yours truly also has a drone for Voyager, the longest track in the program, clocking in at half an hour.

I hope you’ll join me on Friday, September 20th at 11 PM central standard time for a sonic journey beyond our solar system on

Thanks for listening.



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