podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for August 30, 2013

The Elderbranch Campaign – Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey – Book I

Awakening To The System Entry – Events I, II, III

Drilling For Life On Europa

Available for download from http://theelderbranchcampaign.bandcamp.com/album/aural-histories-of-the-jovian-survey-book-i

The Elderbranch Campaign – Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey – Book II

And The Extinction Event Came In The Form Of Ice

They Coded Resurrection Seeds Into Digital Microbes

Available for download from http://theelderbranchcampaign.bandcamp.com/album/aural-histories-of-the-jovian-survey-book-ii

The Elderbranch Campaign – Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey – Book III

Shot Through Step-Ladder Winds To The Prehistoric Vista

Paralyzed By The Siren Of Io

Available for download from http://theelderbranchcampaign.bandcamp.com/album/aural-histories-of-the-jovian-survey-book-iii

You can download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-08-30%20the%20blind%20flight%28Featuring%20the%20Aural%20Histories%20Of%20The%20Jovian%20Survey%29.mp3


The Elderbranch Campaign on tonight’s Blind Flight


On tonight’s program, I will be featuring a trilogy of cds by this group called Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey.

The Elderbranch Campaign is an experimental dark ambient industrial collaboration between American artist G M Slater… (Occurrences In Rain/The Insight Of Blindness) and U.K. Artist Stephen Surreal ne Rook (~UNUNE~/Agony for Pleasure). Formed in 2012, they compose and produce all of their material via the Internet.

G M Slater will also be providing some intro material for the concept as well as the individual tracks you’ll be hearing on tonight’s broadcast, starting at 11 PM central time on www.stillstream.com/

I’d like to thank Gregg for his generous donation of the music for me to play on the program and also for his voiceover work.

You can find out more about the elderbranch Campaign by visiting http://theelderbranchcampaign.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for listening.

my track on the Fukushima Drones compilation, now available

Hello. I have another long form track available for download on a various artists compilation on the aural films label.

my track is called Atmospheric Radiation and I am honored to be in the company of such noteworthy ambient artists as Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas, Shane Morris,, Mystified, and so many more.

I’d like to thank Jack Hertz for including this selection and I hope you’ll check out the cd, which is an ongoing project.

Here’s the link to the compilation.


Thanks for listening and supporting the work of the Aural Films label.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for August 23, 2013

Earlyguard – Undefined Shapes

Scott Lawlor – Times Escape (waag_rel016) – Apocalyptic Metamorphosis

Available for free download from http://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/times-escape-waag-rel016

Phrozenlight – The Red Eye Of The Dark

perceptual defence – sounds from space

Download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-08-23%20the%20blind%20flight.mp3

podcast of this week’s blind flight

The Blind Flight for August 16, 2013

Symatic Star – Aeon


Traversing the veil

Phillip Wilkerson – Sojourner



Sunlit Drift

Gates of Mercy

An Endless Light

The Awaiting Presence

I’ll play the Earlyguard cd next week.

Download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-08-16%20the%20blind%20flight.mp3

Here’s the download link for last week’s 13 hour program. It will be available for the next 7 days.


this week’s blind flight


On this week’s edition of the program, it’s back to a regular 3 hour broadcast after the fantastic job my friend Donovan did on last week’s program.

Since I was away on vacation for the last week, I wasn’t able to correct the apparent omission of the download link to the program so as a result, the podcast blog entry for this week’s show will have two download links, one for this week’s program and one for the podcast from last week.

On this week’s program, I’ll be playing three complete cds.

I’ll be presenting Symatic Star’s aeon, Phillip Wilkerson’s Sojourner and

Earlyguard’s Undefined Shapes. All three of these magnificent works came out in the last couple of week’s so it’s my privilege to play them all for you starting at 11 PM central time on http://www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.