Rain 1 released


I am honored to have my first release in the rain series officially available for download from the following address.
Here’s an excerpt of the notes about the album on the page.
“I’ve been wanting to do something for the rain series for some months now and I’ve felt for a while that the organ has been underrepresented so-to-speak in the drone/ambient genres.

The only other organ set that I know of that’s specifically ambient is Problem-Reaction-Solution, which I am quite fond of.

Having this in mind, and wanting to create my own organ ambient piece, I set out on a chord of A minor with some other notes that fit in, and I think that it goes really well with the sound of rain, thunder and the combination of the two.

I hope you enjoy the music and thanks to Chris of Webbed Hand Records for allowing me to release the work on his site.


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