desert winds: my newest release now available


my newest contribution to the ambient community, a long form piece called Desert winds, has just been released and is available for free download from the following website.

This piece was inspired by a couple of tracks on Complex Silence 25 by Jack Hertz, Cicada and Germination in particular. Here’s what Jack had to say about these tracks.

"Cicada – My homage to the cicada. The glorious songs we hear in summer are rather complicated. It’s not a continuous tone each insect makes, as I thought. It is really a succession of clicks. The drones we hear are from a multitude of creatures that cascade from sound to silence in discord.

Germination – I wanted to write something that would be a virtual soundtrack to the time-lapse film of a seed going through the stages of germination to growth, following its primitive forms. From awkward and fragile, struggling to break the pod, to pushing through earth and unfolding its baby limbs upwards."

I’d like to thank Jack for his great music and Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) for releasing my music on his label.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music.


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