my latest musical release, Like a Pelican of the Wilderness


Thomas over at weareallghosts has released this long-form track and I hope you enjoy the music.

Here is what he’s written about it. Thank you Thomas for the kind words about my work.

Sometimes only a longform ambient drone will do.

This is a thought that I regularly have when I need to be in *the* zone … the special place that I visit when I need to get deep and concentrate.

I am blessed at weareallghosts to have so many options for a soundtrack to this special place … and I am proud to add – "like a pelican of the wilderness" from Scott Lawlor – to my arsenal.

It is an utterly beautiful piece … full of light. It is the soundscape for a truly open space. There is, however, an air of mystery … a sense of the unknown that underpins this space.

Think Dyer and Danforth as they scale the heights of those mountains in H.P. Lovecraft’s seminal classic … "At the Mountains of Madness" … and arrive at that cyclopean city in the sky … and you’ll get what I mean.

I love it. It makes my heart sing and brings me the sense of contentment I need to achieve and maintain focus … and I am grateful to Scott for bringing this piece to waag.

As before, a copy of this release will be available as an MP3 for free over on Archive … with a lossless version available here for ‘pay what you want’


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