podcast of this week’s blind flight

The Blind Flight for June 28, 2013

Stephen Philips – Constant 21

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/Constant_21

Tange – Constant 26

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/Constant_26

Digital Mass – Constant 27

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/Constant_27

Phillip Wilkerson – Constant 14

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/Constant14

Download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-06-28%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28constantly%20constant%29.mp3


staying constant on Friday’s Blind Flight


Everything changes and it seems that nothing is constant anymore. In a society where change is the norm and happening faster and faster, I offer you an escape from the constant change this Friday by providing 3 hours of consistently constant content on the Blind Flight.

I will be featuring releases from the Constant series on the tree trunk internet label, a series where the premise is "Less is More" and this has been explored by many artists who have contributed works to the series which now has 29 entries.

I will be featuring works by Stephen Philips, Tange, Digital mass and Phillip Wilkerson.

I hope you’ll join me on Friday June 28th, starting at 11 PM central time, for a program of consistently serene and beautifully dark ambient music on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.

desert winds: my newest release now available


my newest contribution to the ambient community, a long form piece called Desert winds, has just been released and is available for free download from the following website.


This piece was inspired by a couple of tracks on Complex Silence 25 by Jack Hertz, Cicada and Germination in particular. Here’s what Jack had to say about these tracks.

"Cicada – My homage to the cicada. The glorious songs we hear in summer are rather complicated. It’s not a continuous tone each insect makes, as I thought. It is really a succession of clicks. The drones we hear are from a multitude of creatures that cascade from sound to silence in discord.

Germination – I wanted to write something that would be a virtual soundtrack to the time-lapse film of a seed going through the stages of germination to growth, following its primitive forms. From awkward and fragile, struggling to break the pod, to pushing through earth and unfolding its baby limbs upwards."

I’d like to thank Jack for his great music and Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha) for releasing my music on his label.





Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the music.

podcast of this week’s blind flight, celebrating the summer Solistice

The Blind Flight for June 21, 2013

various artists – AlbumInADayVol4 – 7th April 2012 – TheLovelyMoon-SummerBreeze

Steve Roach – Empetus Collectors Edition – Twilight Heat

A produce – White Sands – This Heat

Stormloop – Waveforms – A Rainy Summer Afternoon

Susperia-Electrica – Light Years Away – Melted By The Heat

Bing Satellites – SummerNight 55 – SummerNight

Fabio Keiner – Summer Drones

Summer Drones A03

Summer Drones A05

Summer Drones A06

Eluder – Warm Warning – Orange Heat

Altus – The Sidereal Cycle 1, Cygnus

Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves – summer

Midsummer Bonfire

Undulating Grasses

Heat Stroke


Download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-06-21%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28celebrating%20the%20Summer%20Solstice%29.mp3

celebrating the Summer Solstice on this week’s Blind Flight


on this week’s program, I will be playing tracks inspired by the season of Summer.

I’ll be playing artists such as The Lovely Moon, Steve Roach, A Produce, Stormloop, Susperia-Electrica, Bing Satellites, Fabio Keiner, Eluder, Lucette Bourdin and the feature cd of the week is Cygnus by Altus.

I hope you’ll join me for 3 hours of tunes to usher in the Summer season on Friday June 21st starting at 11 PM Central on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.

the podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for June 14, 2013

altus – The Elements III Earth – Mountaintop

Available for free download from http://www.altusmusic.ca/

Idle Sunder – Psygnosis III – Mountains Walk

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/ntt055

Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Music For Home Offices Volume One – What Use Has a Mountain

Available for free download from http://carlsagansghost.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-home-offices-volume-one

Disturbed Earth – Thoughts of the Sleepless – Mountain

Michael Shanahan – Nullarbor – Blue Mountains

Pamplemousse – e(scapes) – Mountain

Shiftless – White Mountains

Available for free download from http://archive.org/details/bktr008

Sonic – Moon Rising Over Mountains

Thy Veils – Mountain and Cloud

available for download from http://thyveils.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-and-cloud

Thom Brennan – Mountains

Vidna Obmana – Twilight of Perception – Over blue mountains

The Dandelion Council – Songs for Little Night Explorers – The Face of the Mountain

Slowdazzle Peter DiPhillips – Mystic River Reflections

Whiteface Mountain

Blue Mountain Lake

Download this week’s podcast from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4669991/2013-06-14%20The%20blind%20flight%20%28climbing%20mountains%29.mp3

climbing mountains on this week’s blind Flight


This week, on the blind flight, I’ll be your guide as we climb through the mountains.

I’ll be featuring such artists as Idle Sunder, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Disturbed Earth, Michael Shanahan, Pamplemousse, Shiftless, Slowdazzle / Peter DiPhillips,Sonic, The Dandelion Council, Thy Veils, Vidna Obmana, Thom Brennan and the feature artist of the month on stillstreams, Jeff Greinke.

I hope you can join me for 3 hours of exploring the heights and majestic summits of the high peaks of our planet, this Friday June 14th at 11 PM central time on www.stillstream.com/

Thanks for listening.