my complex silence release now available


I now have an installment in the complex silence series available for free download from the following web page.

This is a great series and I am humbled by the write up of the piece as well as being a part of the continuing musical tapestry of this great collection of works.

Thanks for listening and to Phillip for releasing this.


Shane Morris on this week’s blind flight


On this week’s edition of the Blind Flight, I will be playing Multiverse, Omniverse, and Xenoverse, a trilogy of three cds by Shane Morris.

Multi-instrumentalist and composer of ambient and electronic music, Shane Morris has spent most of his life exploring and cultivating sounds and their relationships. Inspired by nature, patterns, systems, and science, Morris weaves tribal rhythms, ethereal atmospheres, and digital electronica into mystic soundscapes that are rooted in traditions of the past while embracing contemporary technology. A solo musician since 2008, Shane Morris is a BMI recording artist with music released at Spotted Peccary/Lotuspike, Relaxed Machinery, and independently, as well as many releases licensed in Creative Commons.

Shane Morris is fluent with over 30 percussion and wind instruments from around the world and has been studying, performing, and recording for 25 years. Morris is also deeply involved in hardware and software synthesizers, digital processing, DiY electronics, generative systems, and field recordings, which are often combined with acoustic instruments in his works.

Apart from his solo works, Morris is a frequent collaborator both live and in-studio and worked with a number of artists including Mystified, Disturbed Earth, Dan Minoza, Palancar, Howard Moscovitz, Emerald Adrift, Pixyblink, Killerhaven, Modulator ESP, Kevin Kissinger, Q, Blue Hell, Jack Hertz, and Anton Mobin.

Morris received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Music from Missouri State University with a particular interest in ritual music of the African diaspora. Continuing his studies in percussion, Morris took workshops at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. with Giovanni Hidalgo and Jamie Haddad, Humboldt State University in Arcata, Ca. with Michael Spiro, Los Munequitos de Matanzas, and Howard Kaufman, and Raleigh, NC. with Mamady Keita.

Shane Morris’ music is in regular rotation at Stillstream, Electro-music, Astreaux world, Zelest’s Asylum, and Soma fm’s drone zone dot coms. Morris has been featured on Hypnagogue, Sadayatana, Sounds of Ambience, and Lost Frontier podcasts. Morris’ music is also found on terrestrial FM radio programs in the U.S., such as Music with Space (Princeton, NJ), Innervisions (Berea, Kentucky), Night Tides (Kansas City, Mo.), Galactic Travels (Allentown, Pa), Secret Music (Fishkill, NY), Alien Air Music (Los Angeles, Ca.), NightSounds (Abilene, TX), and Star’s End (Philadelphia, Pa.)

An avid live performer and improviser, Morris is also a regular at Electro-Music festivals and the former City Skies. Other performances include small venue and living room concerts, and live streaming internet concerts both solo and networking with other artists in real-time.

A lover of the long-form approach in live music, Shane segues all compositions together in a continuous immersive sound field during live sets. Morris uses live looping, sampling, and sequencing in his live sets which are approached with a loose compositional arrangement, creating a balance of improvisation and structure.

He is an archivist at ambient internet radio station and coordinates streaming internet concerts at

To learn more about Shane’s music, please visit

The program begins at 11 PM central, midnight Eastern Friday May 31st, on the stillstream radio network.

Thanks for listening.

another update on my musical releases

Hello. This is already shaping up to be a busy week for me musically and it’s only Monday.

on Saturday, the 25th of May, I participated in a project called album in a day where artists write and record a brand new track from scratch on the same day. The results are then collected the next day, and the day after that, the entire project is released for download.

My track is called Beauty in Tears and I hope you enjoy it.

I am honored to have a track on a compilation with such ambient artists as Jack Hertz, Crystal Dreams, Steve Brand, and other artists whose work I admire and enjoy a great deal.

The download link for this collection is

Also, released today, is my first dark ambient work called Dark Mind. This long-form track features the voice of my daughter Leah near the beginning and at the end of the piece.

I’d like to thank John of Buddhist on fire for releasing this track and suggesting that this would be a good candidate for the label.

The download link is

As always, thanks for listening.

podcast of this week’s blind flight, The album in a day special

The Blind Flight for May 24, 2013

various artists – AlbumInADayVol1


False Awakening – Cloud Walker

Bing Satellites – Electricity

Available for free download from

various artists – AlbumInADayVol2


Bing Satellites – Is Everybody Happy?

Available for free download from

various artists – AlbumInADayVol3


Tange – Psylence III

Dan Minoza and M. Peck – Not Yet Forgiven

Crystal Dreams – New Beginnings

Available for free download from

various artists – AlbumInADayVol4


Cousin Silas – Hot Weather

The Lovely Moon – Summer Breeze

Dan Minoza – Is There Any Tea On This Spaceship

Available for free download from

various artists – AlbumInADayVol5


Jack Hertz – A Gathering of Clouds

Magnetic Wind – Discovery

Synthesist – Mystery Bells

Symatic Star – Lucid Dream

The Silent Committee – Caffeine

Red Clouds – Star Whale

Burning Artists Sale – pixilated venus, in transit

Phillip Wilkerson – Weightless

Shane and Arielle Morris – Through the Night

Available for free download from

Download this week’s podcast from

album in a day on this week’s Blind Flight


On this week’s edition of the Blind Flight, I’ll be featuring selections from the album in a day project on the BFW Records label.

This program was inspired by the following announcement on the BFW website.

"After the success of the first five albums in this series, and by popular demand, we are doing another Album In A Day on Saturday 25th May 2013.

On that day, musicians around the world will each write and record a complete new song from scratch in one day, all on the same day!

The next day, all the songs will be collected together as an album.

Then, the very next day, Monday 27th May 2013, Album In A Day volume 6 will be released as a free download."

This will be a prerecorded podcast but the playlist and download links for the material will be posted the day after the broadcast as usual.

I’ll be featuring such artists as Phillip Wilkerson, False Awakening, Bing Satellites, Cousin Silas, Burning Artist, Tange, Dan Minoza and M. Peck, Susperia-Electrica, Jack Hertz, Magnetic Wind, Synthesist, Symatic Star, Shane and Arielle Morris, The Lovely Moon, The Silent Committee and Red Clouds.

I hope you’ll be able to join me on Friday May 24th, starting at 11 Central, midnight Eastern on the stillstream radio network.

Thanks for listening.

podcast of this week’s Blind Flight

The Blind Flight for May 17, 2013

emptywhale – That Grey Place We Go

A Lack Of Warning Signs May Be A Sign Itself

The Medicated Mind

Episode Ignored

Available for free download from

Palancar – Crooked Little House


Falling Free

Available for free download from

Palancar – Diminishing Light – DiminishingLight

Available for free download from

Scott Lawlor – Dark Mind (unreleased)

Ambient Collective – dark

usr/sbin – Dark

Gregg Plummer – Dark Part 2

Michael Meara – Dark Part 3

Altus – Dark Part 4

Modulator ESP – Dark Part 6

Palancar – Dark Part 10

available for free download from

Podcast available for the next 7 days from