new album out

Hi Friends and fans.

My newest album, available on HFN Recordings, is called Shifting Sand and was recorded for Music With Space to air on the broadcast date of September 3, 2016 and is an improvisation with no overdubs.

I hope you enjoy the album and as always, thank you for your support of my work and another fine label which has released my music.


let the dominos fall

Taking a significant departure from my music posts, I came across this story on twitter a few weeks ago and being someone who is blind, I was incensed by the absolute lack of compassion this company apparently has for what is becoming a significant number of people in the population.

I would encourage you all to write to this company and voice your disdain for their willful practice of blatantly ignoring accessibility options which clearly exclude a large segment of the population from partaking in their services. Sure, you can always call them by phone to place an order, which I have done, but will no longer be doing just on principle, but that’s not the point of this in the first place. If they lose enough customers, maybe they’ll reconsider so I would appreciate it if you would share or reblog this, and maybe between all of us, we can make it go viral and compel this company to do the right thing and not have it lead to litigation. Our court systems are full enough as it is would you not agree?

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

new album out

Hi friends and fans.

I have a new album out on the treetrunk label. Here is the information about the release followed by the link.

"Thomas Park used his own "The Reanimator" Python program to remix piano phrases by Scott Lawlor."

These loops came from "The Color of Extraordinary, which you can find here.

Here’s the link to The Lawlor Park Piano Recursions

Thank you for listening.

to celebrate the moon landing

hi friends and fans.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, here’s a selection of lunar themed albums form my bandcamp page, in case you’ve missed any of these.

Timeless Moon:

A mesmerizing, beautiful and meditative Ambient album from this mega-prolific and passionate artist. In this album, which haunts you softly, Scott Successfully

returns to the classic ambient sound, relying on a vivid melodic structure to drive the music forward. Highly recommended for all fans of genuinely beautiful


Moonlit Night

This release is shaded in tones of early 70s Tangerine Dream.

the full moon series volume 05 may the milk moon

Being fairly new to the ambient genre, I had always found it difficult listening to the same song for any stretch of time lasting longer than 6-7 minutes.

15 minutes into the first song I realized I had lost track of time! This is the effect of the Full Moon Series. I felt as though I was anticipating a great

celestial event where time means something completely different and you are transported to another place.

The full moon series Volume 01 – January The old Moon

haunted Moon

Dreaming of the Supermoon

See Scott Drone. Actually, hear Scott Drone on the Supermoon/Bloodmoon. Join the audio narrative as it winds through the dark and mystical corridors of

space and the vibes of our own moon.

I hope you enjoy these releases and thank you for your support of my life’s work. I appreciate all of you.