savings on Friday

Hi friends and fans.

Since Friday is fee waiving day again on bandcamp, I’m not going to put out something new to flood your inbox as you’ll undoubtedly be receiving many emails from other artists you follow.

Instead, I am presenting you with a code for 15% off any item on my page for that day as I want to pass the fee waiving onto you guys instead of keeping it for myself.

Just go to and enter The code "friday2020" at checkout, no capitalization, no spaces, no quotes.

I’m planning to make it available for each Friday that bandcamp is doing this for its artists.

I’ll send a reminder email about the code around the same time each month so you don’t have to try to find this email.

I’ve posted a couple of new isolation concerts on YouTube if you’d like to check them out at

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my work in sound and imagination. I appreciate all of you.

live space music tonight

Hi friends and fans.

I’ll be going on YouTube tonight for another live set, this time I’m planning to do an extended space improvisation with long lush tones and peacefully dark but not menacing backgrounds for your cosmic entertainment during this ongoing time of social isolation and physical solitude.

I hope you can join me for some calming expansive soundscapes on a Saturday night, after all, there’s nowhere else to go so we might as well explore the outer reaches of the universe together.

To partake in the journey, please set your spacial coordinates to

Liftoff commences at t-10:30 central time from wherever you are located on the planet.

Thanks for joining me on another sonic journey. I hope you’re doing well.

an update

Hi friends and fans.

As some of you know, I have a noise side project called Spank Hookers which started in 2016 but that doesn’t have nearly the output that my regular solo work and collaborative efforts in ambient has.

I have decided to upload this project here for a couple of reasons.

1. I have a lot of new followers since the last time I submitted something from this project to another label and I don’t assume that everyone who follows me here also follows those other more specialized labels.

2. I have had some experiences in the past where an internet label has gone away without informing their artists and I don’t want my work to be lost because of something that happens out of my control.

there are many reasons a label disappears so I’m not judging or have ill will because of those experiences, it’s just a contributing factor to the decision.

These albums will be name your price as they have been on other labels and any new material from the Spank Hookers project will also be under this pricing option.

I’m not going to upload them all at once, you get enough notifications about releases as it is so there’s no need to overwhelm anyone with a back catalog of almost 20 old albums.

I hope you’re all doing well and there is new ambient music on the way too.

30 concerts already

Hi friends and fans.

My 30th isolation concert will be happening tonight at 10:30 central time on my YouTube channel. Can you believe I’ve given that many performances since April while taking most of May and all of June off due to technical issues after upgrading my production software and hardware?

To listen, please go to

Thanks to all those who have listened and will continue to follow in this journey of me bringing music and soundscapes to you during this rather unusual time in our world history.

Please like, share and subscribe to the channel.

Thank you for your support.

streaming again

Hi friends and fans.

I have some good news about live streaming.

I think I have it figured out, thanks to the generous help of Dave Clark who I found on YouTube a few days ago. He spent a significant amount of time troubleshooting the issue and we were able to at least make some test recordings. I did a further test earlier using more tracks from reactor and things sound pretty good.

He’s got a good channel so go check it out, subscribe and hit the bell notification.

I hope to do a stream tonight around my usual time of 10:30 central time, if a test of the live stream plays out okay. This makes me really happy because I love doing the isolation concerts and other people have enjoyed them too.

As always, if you can’t tune in live, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification so you can get the latest uploads.

I hope you’re all doing well.

another no fee Friday on bandcamp and previews of a new album

Hello friends and fans.

As you’re well aware, this Friday is another day when bandcamp is waiving it’s fees for artists and so I wanted to take the opportunity to present to you another collection of albums from my catalogue which you may have missed over the years or aren’t familiar with if you’ve recently started following my account.

Since I’ve been uploading preview tracks for a new album of improvisations and compositions inspired by the naviar haiku project, links which I’ll also include if you haven’t seen them, I thought it appropriate to give you a little history in music from when I first learned of this weekly challenge and how it’s been a privilege and honor to participate as much as I have throughout the years.

Most of these albums were released in 2016, which, by today’s standards, seems several lifetimes ago.

The Vast Kelp Forests: my first album of music inspired by the naviar Haiku project released in 2016

Dreaming of Dark Clocks" 2 live performances over the internet when I hosted the Blind Flight radio program on

Show me the Glint of Light: a more new-age sounding album going back to my roots when first performing in the 90’s around Northeast Ohio

The Silent Hour of Night: three more ethereal tracks performed live on when I hosted the Blind Flight radio program.

Jumping ahead to 2017, you will find There is no Road through the Woods: an album of shorter improvisations in different ambient styles

and finally, going back to 2016, First Autumn Morning: Three live performances over the internet when I had my Blind Flight radio program on

towards the light:

a wild sea

Lightning bolts split the mountaintop (it’s not called that on the original video since I came up with the proper title later)

and finally, fallen butterflies

I’m still working on tracks for this new album and it’s all material using my brand new komplete kontrol system from native instruments and reaper though I still use sound forge and audacity. No sense abandoning old tools because you get something new, everything has value and purpose.

I hope you will find these albums and videos as enjoyable to listen to as it was for me to record and produce them and I hope to be a part of this weekly challenge for as often as I am able to participate.

Thank you for your continued support of my work in sound and narrative, I appreciate all of you.


Hi there.

Here are the latest stats for me.

636 followers on @bandcamp, 1715 plays for the last 30 days, 92368 all time plays. let’s keep the momentum and growth going. follow me at

I’m working on lots of new music, lots of new sounds, many of them quite vast and big which lend themselves quite well to what I normally compose.

Be sure to follow me on my youtube channel to get updates and excerpts of newly developing projects.

thanks for your continued support of my life’s journey in sound and exploration.


Hi friends and fans.

I am honored to have a track on the "FROM PERPETUITY" compilation, available for pre-order on July 3, and released on the 24th of that month.

FROM PERPETUITY is a compilation of diverse electronic works, featuring sound artists such as Arvo Party, Assassin of Sound, Capac, Fragile X, Lippy Kid, [retreat] and worriedaboutsatan with an infinite looping cover piece by himHallows.

There are unlimited possibilities in a moment.

This compilation is the result of a challenge posed to each participant to take an original sample of up to 5 seconds and to generate an entire piece of any duration from it, using only duplication and manipulation.

The end result is truly exciting, demonstrating through each artist’s own interpretation of the brief and the implementation of their own working methods, that the manipulation of even the smallest sound can present infinite worlds and the degradation and decay of one thing can sometimes breed the creation of something altogether new and wonderful.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will go to the Alzheimer’s Society to support their emergency appeal, covering funds which can’t be generated due to Coronavirus and to fund ongoing care for those with dementia and research into treatments.

For further information, please contact @danchair on twitter.

We hope you will enjoy this compilation and thanks for listening.