via Storm Clouds & ShroudsI don’t ordinarily post things of a political nature here as there are so many other well-qualified bloggers who can do this much better than I.  However, this is a topic that is clearly more important to bring to the attention of others and so I present it to you here and thank my friend Jill for raising my awareness on this post.


Storm Clouds & Shrouds


new pricing

Hello all.

I have reduced the price of every album on to just $1.00. If you’ve been waiting to explore the variety of music that I have available, now is the time to check out the numerous choices for your ears and mind.

this is outrageous


I normally don’t post things like this to my regular blog but I’m hoping that some of my followers will reblog this and encourage the audiences to write to the mayor and city counsel of this town where this travesty is occurring.

To have a man’s home be foreclosed on simply because of a code violation which he had no control over is absolutely reprehensible.

Let’s all let this Mayor know what an outrage this is and maybe the right thing will be done.

preview of an upcoming album

Hello. It’s been a while since I last posted something so I wanted to let you know about an album I’ll have coming out soon.

I am releasing the remastered version of "Seven Last Words" soon and I wanted to share with you what is perhaps my favorite track on the album.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for listening, liking the video, subscribing and sharing it with everyone you know.

to celebrate piano day 2019

Hi there.

For piano day 2019, please check out my solo piano albums. for a limited time, get them for just $3.00 each.

That Sanguine Light of November

A Winter Landscape

Awake in the Dark

The Color Of Extraordinary

Thank you for your support.