three personal albums

Hi friends and fans.

Since I’ve recently gained some followers, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about three very personal albums I’ve composed which not only have significant meaning for me but albums that have also profoundly impacted other people who have heard them over the years.

Look Unto the Heavens

"a profound ambient musical work by one of its masters"

Kathy Parsons of mainlypiano.


Nominated for ambient album of the year for 2017 by One World music Radio

"Transition by Scott Lawlor is one of those special albums that is created from a divine connection that few will ever feel, this is true soul music. This is one of the most beautiful and emotional releases in this genre by a mile for many a year"

Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

In a Dark Room, a Single Candle is Lit in Memoriam for Those Whose Lives Were Incomplete

Nominated for ambient album of the year for 2018 by One World music Radio

"Scott Lawlor has created a monumental work with these three albums. It is intensely personal and yet expresses feelings that are universal. Through this music, Joe Lawlor’s spirit and the love that his family and others had and have for him will live on and continue to touch many lives."

Kathy Parsons

my ethereal side

Hi friends and fans.

Someone asked me about whether my albums on bandcamp were organized by category since I have so many?

I told him that doing this, as far as I can tell, requires dragging and dropping things around the screen which, for me using adaptive software, is impossible to do.

As a result, I went through my collection as well as other places where I have albums and compiled a list of my more ethereal albums.

A lot of you are familiar with some of these and I figured that it would be helpful for people who have an interest in my more ethereal output if they didn’t have to go through the whole catalog just to find these titles.

There are some darker passages in these albums when compared to most of the content but as a whole, these are all lighter ambient works.

I have compiled them with links to all the individual albums below so I hope this is helpful for you.

If you would like more listings which break my catalog down for you, please leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to do this.

and now, the list:

Cathedral in the Snow

From the first breath of a star

Color of the Sky

Remnants of Winter Memories

Radiance of the Light

Of Awareness of Presence

redemptoris custos

Rex Gentium (remastered)

drone excursion 025 (the Great Beyond)

Polar Isolation

Soul Journey (one of my favorites)

To watch his woods fill up with snow

a process of transformation

Mountain Silence

Divine Presence

Winter Solitude

Reflecting Light

The Heavens Grew Silent

Fall into deep space

Scott Lawlor & Cousin Silas – winter twilight across the snow

Evening Light

Eve of Morning (another favorite and highly recommended by some)

Drone Excursion 020 Glimpse of Eternity

Transcending Separation

There is no Road through the Woods

Wings of an Angel & Scott lawlor – Tears of An Angel (another favorite)

Look Unto the Heavens (for my brother who was battling stage 4 sarcoma)

Transition (written upon returning home from my brother’s funeral in 2017)

In a Dark Room, a Single Candle is Lit in Memoriam for Those Whose Lives Were Incomplete (the third in the trilogy written for my brother Joe)

Above the Firmament (people seem to like this one a lot as well)

Always Present but Never Seen (another favorite of mine0

Sunrays (still another personal favorite)

From Out of the Dark into the Dawn

First Autumn Morning

October Twilight

The Space Between

Scott Lawlor and Jack Hertz – Divina Commedia III. (Nine Spheres)

Drone Excursion 001 (The Choral Drone)

Rain 3

Seeking Rest


Complex Silence 36

new album, bells for an imaginary audience volume 4

Hi Friends and fans.

Now available is my latest release, bells for an Imaginary Audience Volume 4: 71 minutes of immersive resonance that I am confident you’ll enjoy, if you like bells, that is.

After the last in this trilogy of albums was complete, and after having some time to reflect on the project, I determined that there was a very real need and desire to further explore this concept.

So like with the other three volumes, I sat at my keyboard and recorded 5 more meditative improvisations with various bell patches, ranging in time from 5 to 21 minutes.

I feel this is an appropriate way to conclude the series and I hope you find this album to be one of calm and peace, to provide some meditative solace in your life.

You can find volume 1 here:

You can find volume 2 here:

You can find volume 3 here:

cover photo by Kirill Pershin

on the air again

Hello friends and fans.

One of my long-form tracks will be included in a program called In The Stream #21 hosted by Steve Sheppard of One World music radio. The show is to air today at 9pm UK, 4pm EST

To listen to the show on the live play, just go to:

Or you can listen via the app by going to:

Once the show has aired, it will be available to listen to as a podcast; listen by going to:

Please share this with your friends on social media or via blog if possible. The more listeners, the more chart points it gives me as an artist for calculating chart positions for the album and singles charts.

Thank you for listening if you can and for your continued support of my music. I appreciate all of you.

an idea

Hi friends and fans.

Inspired by my good friend Wings of an angel, who I’ve collaborated with on many albums, I’m going to try to put out an album a day in November, just to see if I can do it. It will be name your price November so watch this space for many ambient excursions and whatever else happens.