a new question about the program


for the podcast, now that it’s on bandcamp and the playlist is right there, even noting what’s playing for each hour, do you have a preference for a program with voiceovers announcing that material or would you just prefer a straight mix with minimal talk?

It’s just something I was wondering about because some people don’t like talking at all and others feel that it’s not really a show if it’s just a straight music mix.

Thank you for your feedback.

a few price changes on bandcamp


I have changed the price of a couple of my albums. Dark flow has been reduced from $12 to $7 to fall more in consistency with the beyond the bootes void which is around the same length now as dark flow, given that this album has an additional bonus track.

I’ve increased the price of desert Nocturnes a bit since it such an enormous album, 40 tracks spanning 24 hours of music, still probably the best deal on my page at only $15.

an addendum to my last post about the blind flight ending


I’ve decided to keep the bandcamp page up as a reference and knowing myself the way that I do, and the way that others can probably surmise my inclination to be a bit quick on the draw as it were, the frequency of the episodes will be substantially less than they have been over the past 8 years. There are certain show that I just love doing because of their special content, programs like the Halloween and Christmas shows, the after Thanksgiving acoustic program and the Winter solstice broadcast, not to mention the Good Friday specials.

That’s probably only 5 or 6 shows a year but I think it’s a disservice to myself and the listeners to just chuck the whole thing because I don’t feel like doing a podcast every week. So to that end, everything will remain as it is and the episode frequency will just be different.

I believe this provides a good balance and is probably the best thing to do.

Since this week’s podcast is nearly complete, it should be uploaded on Friday as planned and there is a Cousin silas profile that I need to do this month as well. those are always fun too.

Thank you for indulging my flightiness and apparent instability.