upcoming interview

Hi friends and fans.

On March 11, 2020 my interview with @MediumLisaJones will be going LIVE! Please Subscribe now to the pod cast so you’ll be notified!


Thank you for listening, it was an honor and privilege to be on her program and share such a personal story which has profoundly influenced much of my music over the last 2 years.

album for February


My release for the month of February is the second in the Live Archives series, performances given over the internet when I was the host of the Blind Flight broadcast on stillstream.fm between 2012 and 2016.

It is my hope that you enjoy these improvisations and I thank you for continuing to remain with me on my journey into the exploration of sound and mind.

live archives Volume 2


I am honored

Hi friends and fans.

I have just learned that I have been nominated for the people’s choice award for the seventh annual One World Music Radio awards show to be aired on June 7, 2020.

This is the only category where voting is open to the public so if you’d like to cast your vote, I would much appreciate it.

You can do so by going to


Please remember to only vote once.

I am honored to have been nominated for this demonstration of confidence in me and my work.

As always, my most sincere thanks to Steve and Chrissie Shepard of One World Music radio and all of you for supporting my work over these last 7 years as I continue to evolve in my journey of sound.

dreaming the Timeless Dream reviewed


I am honored and humbled that dreaming the Timeless Dream (a Tribute to Edgar Froese)

has a very nice review by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio posted to the page. My thanks and gratitude for such a profoundly touching write up of

an album that I am most proud of and which I hope does the memory of Edgar proud.


more airplay

Hi friends and fans.

One of my tracks will be played on In The Stream #24 hosted by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio. The show is to air, Thursday at 10pm UK, 5pm EST

To listen to the show on the live play, just go to: www.oneworldmusic.co.uk

Once the show has aired, it will be available to listen to as a podcast; you can listen by going to:


Please feel free to share the link with other people who might enjoy ambient music.

thanks for listening if you can.